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Market facts

Indian Glass Industry

Demand for glass from the beverage sector, infrastructure and the real estate sector has provided a boost to its market in India.

The growth in the Indian glass industry is dominated by container glass segment, which accounts for majority of the sales in terms of volume, according to a TechSci Research report. The majority of the sales in terms of value is dominated by float glass segment and further in the coming years sales in float glass segment of the Indian glass industry will increase on the sidelines of real estate growth across retail, residential and office estate.

Liquor and Beer Industry forms almost 2/3 of the container glass demand in India followed by food and pharmaceutical industry.

Flat glass has created significant place in the glass industry not just in India but on a global level. Total size of Flat Glass industry in India is 0.12 million tonnes per month. Indian Glass Industry consists of architectural, automotive, value added glass, mirrors & furniture segment which has market share of 45%, 15%, 15%, 10% & 15% respectively.

Per capita glass consumption has increased significantly in India from 0.58 kg to 1.1 kg; however it is still much lower as compared to other developing countries and much lower than China, where it stands at around 15 kg.

India with 9 float plants is still way behind China which has approximately 196 float plants. This suggests that India has immense potential to increase capacity.

Indian Glass Market is estimated to Increase at a CAGR of 15% over the Next Three Years. Fuelled by growth in sectors like real estate, infrastructure, retail, automotive and food & beverages, the country's glass industry will acquire a market size worth Rs 340 billion by 2015 from Rs 225 billion at present, according to a study by industry body Assocham. The glass consumption growth is expected in construction (10-12%), automotive (20), consumer goods (15-20) and pharmaceuticals (15-18) sectors.

Flat glass in India is majorly used for construction purpose, or by the automotive sector along with railways. In terms of value, the construction sector of the country held a majority share in sales of flat glass in the country. The recent infrastructural developments in the real estate sector of the country are majorly responsible for the majority share of construction sector in the end user analysis. The research and developments in the flat glass industry have led to production of highly specialized form of glass intended for production of different products and applications. All such developments are leading to positive growth in the flat glass market of India.

The growth in the glass industry is characterised by the increase use of processed & reflective glass as the Indian customer has become more aware about the importance of glass in effectively addressing the concerns of safety and energy efficiency.


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